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The optimal set of design parameters depends on the application-specific requirements. Increasing the stroke of an engine results in some factors that increase efficiency (like a decrease in the surface area-to-volume ratio of the combustion chamber) and some factors that decrease efficiency (like increased friction from higher piston speed, if the engine speed is kept the same). So the right tradeoffs have to be balanced with the demands of the application, including power and torque requirements, package and weight constraints, cost considerations, transient operation, and drive shaft speed.
Dr. Gerhard Regner
Vice President, Performance and Emissions
Achates Power

By 1932, the Great Depression had forced studios to cut back on needless expense and it was not until 1953 that wider aspect ratios were again used in an attempt to stop the fall in attendance due, partially, to the emergence of television in the . However, a few producers and directors, among them Alfred Hitchcock , have been reluctant to use the anamorphic widescreen size featured in such formats as Cinemascope . Hitchcock alternatively used VistaVision , a non-anamorphic widescreen process developed by Paramount Pictures and Technicolor which could be adjusted to present various flat aspect ratios. [4]

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Since many top tuners already use Innovate tools, the OT-2 allows users to email a log file to their tuner if they develop a problem or have a question. In conjunction with the powerful LogWorks software, tuners can also collaborate with other tuners by exchanging log files to get help with tuning challenges.

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SAS vs. SATA battle in enterprise data storage shows hard drives with SAS interface trending up; cheaper MLC SSDs outnumber SLC ...

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