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Today, Arras is famous for its two striking squares, made of 155 houses dating from the XVII and XVIII centuries. The squares were built in a Spanish and Flemish style and are classified as Historical Monuments.

Caperino & Peperone :

A Xmas Fail
A minifilm by Kuntzel + Deygas starring Cap & Pep.
Produced by Add A Dog, Paris.
Hand made animations by Agnès Fauve.
CG animations by Patrick Daher.
Modeling by Gregory Thomas.
Rendering and compositing by Pierre Chomarat.
Editing by David Haddad.
Musics:The Kiddies Christmas Frolic (Columbia Orchestra, 1919) Hawaiian Hula Melody (Johnny Nobles, 1920).

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Note: many in the list below could actually be Colt Mark IV Series 70/80 Government Models, Springfield Armory, or another manufacturer, instead of a former military issued M1911A1, unless it is a war film. Since the markings of the gun aren't always clear, M1911A1 is a catch-all term. Being most 1911 manufacturers pistols are based off the M1911A1 platform.

Various - Emilie Jolie (Un Conte Musical De Philippe Chatel)Various - Emilie Jolie (Un Conte Musical De Philippe Chatel)