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MAXIGRIP Studs are easy to install on running shoes and boot. Keep training during winter and walk safely on treacherous grounds.

Aetna provides custom per print threaded male ball studs to special design, material, heat treat, secondary operations, assemblies to custom linkage assemblies and coating specifications upon request.

For more information regarding track conversion systems from Camso, Litefoot and Mattracks, tyre studs and boot studs or EZDown tailgate dampers, please call Supatracks on +44 (0) 141 611 5010 or email [email protected] .

We offer the lowest minimums in the industry, and sell by the piece or in
bulk - you buy only the fasteners you need!

The Maxigrip studs HM11 are sold in box of  1000, 100 or 24 studs to meet all of your needs.  Please note that a Maxigrip installation tool is included in each box.

3/4-16 Wheel Bolts, Smooth Shoulder, Grade 8 Alloy, Phosphate & Oil For Class 7 & 8 Trucks, Construction Material Handling, Farm Implement, Trailer & Buses Request a Quote AETNA
PART NO. A B C Quote A75120 3-3/4 2-11/64 1-3/64 Quote A75130 4-1/16 2-1/2 1-17/64 Quote A75140 4-23/32 2-5/32 2-5/32 Request a Quote AETNA PART NO. Interchangeable Wheel Bolt Part Numbers Budd Dayton/
Batco BWP Dorman Euclid Leland NWRA Dana
Spicer NACCO Volvo Quote A75120 13988/
48793 13-1003 M-50 610-064 5559 W-40 X-1562 50-1004 26400/
58007503 B-6320X Quote A75130 19004/
59172 13-1005 M-54 610-068 5560 W-44 X-1572 50-1007  259843  476823 Quote A75140 18309 13-104 M-3640 - 10199 W-334 X-1584 50-1018  112312  -  

Stimson Lumber Company, with roots dating back to the 1850’s, is one of the oldest continuously operating integrated wood products companies in the United States.

Carpenter ants and termites can severely damage wood construction, but, as far as anyone knows, they have not yet developed a taste for metal.

Studs, The * studs, the - AlansmitheeStuds, The * studs, the - AlansmitheeStuds, The * studs, the - AlansmitheeStuds, The * studs, the - Alansmithee